site.btaPlovdiv Hosts World Championship Sports Fishing for Masters, Veterans, Disabled

Plovdiv Hosts World Championship Sports Fishing for Masters, Veterans, Disabled
Plovdiv Hosts World Championship Sports Fishing for Masters, Veterans, Disabled
The official opening of the World Championship Sports Fishing 2024 for Masters, Veterans and Disabled, Plovdiv, June 12, 2024 (Bulgarian Sport Fishing Federation Photo)

The World Championship Sports Fishing 2024 for Masters (55-65 years), Veterans (over 65 years) and Disabled opened here on Wednesday. The event is taking place on the Plovdiv rowing canal from June 14 to 15, with the participation of 40 teams from 21 countries.

In the first days of training, the competitors fished mainly for Crucian carp, although quite a few Cyprinus carp were also caught, some of them exceeding the trophy weight of 5 kg. The facility was stocked especially for the competition. By regulation, the caught fish are kept in large livewells and after weighing are released back into the water.

The big favourites in all three categories are the England, Italy and Hungary teams. The Bulgarian Masters squad also has the potential for a worthy performance, having won the world team title in Szeged in 2022, while Rumen Vitkov came second individually.

Bulgarian 15-year-old student Boyan Dobrev from Gorna Oryahovitsa will set a record as the youngest competitor in a world championship in sport fishing for people with disabilities. The oldest angler is also from Bulgaria, the 82-year-old Yordan Momchev from the veterans' team. There is also a lady in the veteran team, Raina Dimitrova from Montana, who has participated in several world championships and international competitions, and now she will compete with the men.

Plovdiv became the champion in hosting the most world championships in sport fishing in different disciplines. Firmly considered the "fishing capital of Bulgaria", the city and the canal have hosted five fishing championships so far, including the first women's world championship in 1994. For the first time, Plovdiv brought together the world's fishing elite back in 1989, when Englishman Tommy Pickering became champion, who now is in Bulgaria as part of England's veteran squad.

The championship was opened by Mark Downs, a member of the World Sports Fishing Federation. The ceremony was attended by Plovdiv Deputy Mayor Nikolay Buhalov, Union of Hunters and Anglers’ Chairman Vasil Vassilev and other dignitaries.




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