site.btaPM Denkov Optimistic About Adoption of Constitutional Revisions

PM Denkov Optimistic About Adoption of Constitutional Revisions
PM Denkov Optimistic About Adoption of Constitutional Revisions
Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov, Sofia, September 26, 2023 (BTA Photo)

Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov told reporters on Tuesday he was optimistic that revisions to the Constitution would be adopted because there is a strong consensus on changes in the judicial system. Regarding other matters - the status of caretaker governments and the National Day - several options are under discussion, the government information service quoted Denkov as saying. He warned that if the judicial system amendments fail to be adopted, this will pose a problem to the entire reform and will affect Bulgaria's expectations to join the Schengen area and the eurozone.

The Prime Minister was adamant that the discussion on the status of caretaker governments was not an end in itself. "It was prompted by what we have seen during a long period of caretaker governments - that the President can single-handedly wield enormous power that is not his under the Constitution and the principle of separation of powers," Denkov said.

He listed three options for changes in the status of the caretaker governments. One is to abolish them, as representatives of the Venice Commission proposed at a recent meeting at the Council of Ministers. Another option is that the prime minister of such a cabinet should be chosen from among the holders of several specific senior positions and that he should nominate the ministers. The third option is to strongly limit the powers of the caretaker government.

"Bulgaria is a parliamentary republic, so the National Assembly will decide how the legislation should be revised to get a proper distribution of powers. This is the purpose, this is the spirit of the Constitution," Denkov said.




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