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Refugee Employment Platform Launched in Bulgaria
Refugee Employment Platform Launched in Bulgaria
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A Refugee Employment Platform in Bulgaria will match refugees to employers, fostering self-reliance and economic empowerment within refugee communities. The platform was launched by the Foundation for Access to Rights (FAR) in partnership with UNHCR, FAR said on Tuesday.

In recent years, Bulgaria has become an important host to refugees, especially from Ukraine, the Middle East and Afghanistan. As of December 2023, 67,769 Ukrainian refugees were registered for temporary protection and more than 22,000 applied for asylum last year, mostly Syrian and Afghan. The refugee population in Bulgaria presents an opportunity for both refugees and employers. Refugees possess diverse skills, experiences and talents which can significantly enrich local workforces and drive economic growth, FAR said.

By facilitating refugee access to employment opportunities, the Refugee Employment Platform strives to unlock their potential, promoting inclusive development and social cohesion across Bulgaria.

"Economic empowerment through employment is vital for refugees, providing not only a source of income but also fostering empowerment and self-reliance," said Seda Kuzucu, UNHCR Representative in Bulgaria. "The Refugee Employment Platform will enable refugees to rebuild their lives with dignity while making positive contributions to their host communities." 

State Agency for Refugees Chairperson Mariana Tosheva said Bulgaria's legislation on labour market access is one of the most liberal in the European Union. Three months after applying for protection, a foreigner is entitled to work, she told a forum earlier in February.




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