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Border Traffic Update
Border Traffic Update
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Outbound truck traffic is heavy at some of the border control checkpoints on the borders with Romania and Turkiye, the Bulgarian Border Police said.

On the border with Romania, outbound traffic is heavy at the Oryahovo, Kardam, and Nikopol border crossing points. The Ruse Regional Road Directorate of the Road Infrastructure Agency said that emergency road repairs are being carried out on the bridge over the Danube between Ruse and Giurgiu between May 13 and 31. Temporary traffic arrangements have been introduced. The repair works are carried out during daylight hours, and traffic is getting by in one lane.

Traffic is normal at all border crossing points on the border with Greece. Only cars and vans can pass through the Makaza, Zlatograd, and Ivaylovgrad border crossing points.

Traffic is also normal at the border with Serbia. Reconstruction and modernization works are being carried out at the Kalotina border crossing, which requires temporary narrowing of the lanes and reorganization of the traffic flow. Motorists should bear in mind that the temporary traffic arrangements near the area of the border crossing may cause delays during the holidays.

Traffic at the border with the Republic of North Macedonia is normal at all border crossing points.

At the border with Turkiye, traffic is heavy for trucks at the Kapitan Andreevo border control checkpoint.




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