site.btaPM Denkov: Debate with Unions Was Fruitful, Will Achieve Success

PM Denkov: Debate with Unions Was Fruitful, Will Achieve Success
PM Denkov: Debate with Unions Was Fruitful, Will Achieve Success
Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov (left), CITUB President Plamen Dimitrov (middle) and President of the Podkrepa Labour Confederation Dimitar Manolov on September 19, 2023 (BTA Photo)

Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov, who met here on Tuesday with the President of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB), Plamen Dimitrov, and the President of the Podkrepa Labour Confederation, Dimitar Manolov, told reporters at the Council of Ministers that the meeting was fruitful and will lead to success. Denkov specified that Dimitrov and Manolov, who are among the organizers of the protest "A clear and secure energy future for Bulgaria!", are expected to provide the government with specifics of their demands.

Dimitrov said "A key success of our conversation today with Prime Minister Denkov is that we agreed on the national agreement for a just transition, which will be worked out in detail and will spell out the commitments of the state until 2038. If there are planned reductions in energy capacity, they will be financed now and not in the future". He said that state-owned thermal power plants should be guaranteed for the future by building a state-owned enterprise attached to them with European funds, which is a possibility that will secure monthly salaries and guarantee the jobs of miners until 2038. This enterprise will deal with the reclamation of the sites and thus guarantee the jobs of the miners in the sector, Dimitrov said.

Manolov said the territorial transition plans are ready but not fair. He added that the negotiators have to complete a huge amount of work by September 30 and shared his hope that that no mistakes will be made.

Although Denkov was told that his government lacks confidence from the energy sector, he believes that the negotiations will end successfully.

Dimitrov said: "After the deadline of September 30 this year for the drafting of an agreement on the more than nine main demands, we are starting a detailed discussion. This time we will ask for guarantees not from the parliament, but from every political force represented in the parliament, in order to have guarantees that the demands in the agreement will be met, no matter which government is in power".







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