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Nuclear Energy Declaration Signed with France
Nuclear Energy Declaration Signed with France
Rumen Radev (left) and Bruno Le Maire (Photo: Bulgarian Ministry of Energy)

Bulgarian Minister of Energy Rumen Radev and French Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty Bruno Le Maire signed a Declaration of Intent for Cooperation in Civil Nuclear Energy at a meeting in Paris on February 21, Radev's ministry reported on Thursday.

The declaration establishes a framework to bolster bilateral cooperation in nuclear power. The framework includes exchange between the Bulgarian and French nuclear programmes, cooperation between nuclear-energy-related industries and vis-à-vis supply chains, encouraging enterprises in the two countries to share in new projects, nuclear safety research, development and innovation, training and education.

Le Maire said: "We want to expand our cooperation with Bulgaria in other fields related to nuclear energy such as supply chain cooperation and skill development. I set forth an idea for a project of shared interest in nuclear power, because, you know, we have many projects of shared interest in many areas, including raw materials, hydrogen. It is worth having projects of shared interest in nuclear energy."

Radev expressed his satisfaction with the declaration. He commented: "Sharing technological know-how, educational and training programmes between Bulgaria and France in the nuclear field means that we also share a common understanding about the future, about security and competitiveness. A green future founded upon real baseload power, low carbon energy which is safe, reliable and offers us a chance to be resilient, competitive, and to develop our economies in the best possible way."

During their meeting Radev and Le Maire discussed matters of nuclear energy, decarbonization goals and renewable energy sources.




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