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Experts to Address Obesity Issues in Sofia
Experts to Address Obesity Issues in Sofia
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Experts set to discuss obesity at an event "The burden of obesity in personal, social and economic terms" later on Monday, organizers told BTA. The Obesity Coalition organized the event.

Obesity is a chronic relapsing disease with significant health, social, and economic consequences. It has nearly tripled globally in the last 50 years and is expected to continue spreading. Every country is affected, and none has reversed the growing trend, reported the Obesity Coalition.

Bulgaria faces the challenge of obesity, which is a top health priority in the National Health Strategy 2030. The event will discuss whether obesity is a disease, its seriousness in childhood, its societal and economic impact, and potential solutions.

The Obesity Coalition, founded in 2023, includes experts from different domains of public life united by the common cause of fighting obesity. Representatives of the Association organized a public awareness health campaign "Let's talk about obesity" in six cities for World Anti-Obesity Day in the beginning of March this year. The campaign's first part included lecture and discussion meetings with experts, public figures, and sports activities in six major cities. The second part involves information meetings in over 35 schools nationwide.

Speaking at the event in March, Deputy Health Minister Michail Okoliyski identified lack of motivation to follow a healthy diet and exercise as a main cause of overweight and obesity in young people. In 2022, 7 in 1,000 children around age 6 were overweight, with 21.67 cases reported between ages 7-19. Most cases of obesity were found among seventh grade students.

"Obesity is a lifelong chronic disease. Data show that 61% of the population in Bulgaria over the age of 18 suffers from overweight and obesity. However, the public does not consider it a disease", said Teodora Darlenska, chair of the Bulgarian Association for the Study of Obesity and Related Diseases, speaking at the same event in March.




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