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CC-DB, GERB-UDF Approve List of Draft Cabinet Members, Will Announce It Friday
CC-DB, GERB-UDF Approve List of Draft Cabinet Members, Will Announce It Friday
Nikolay Denkov (BTA photo)

Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria (CC-DB) and GERB-UDF have approved a list of ministers in a possible future cabinet, CC-DB's prime minister designate Nikolay Denkov told NOVA TV here on Thursday. 

The list will be presented later in the evening to the coalition parties' national councils, CC co-leader Kiril Petkov said. 

Denkov said that there was a calm and constructive discussion of the proposed cabinet. "We sought the best people for each [ministerial] post," Denkov explained, recalling that people from the previous list of proposed ministers, presented by CC-DB, have given up on participating in a future cabinet. 

Denkov said that the full list will be announced on Friday. 

Earlier on Thursday, Denkov commented on talks with GERB-UDF on forming government with the second mandate, confirming that the negotiations will continue throughout the day.  "There is progress, but until everything is agreed upon, I will not discuss the [drafy cabinet's] composition," Denkov  told journalists.

"The information that the Interior Ministry will be given to GERB is not true, there is no such thing. We are looking for a person who is an expert, a specialist, a non-political person who has proven themselves in their work," Denkov said.

He confirmed that that GERB-UDF prime minster designate Mariya Gabriel has put the names of GERB candidates for ministers on the table, and they are being discussed.  Media reports that the government will be divided 50-50 between both formations are speculations and aren't true, he added.

Asked if CC co-leader and former finance minister Assen Vassilev is a controversial figure in the negotiations, Denkov said it depends on the point of view. "From the point of view of the budget, I don't know who is better than him as an expert who can make two budgets within a few months," Denkov said. There are no indications that the apocalyptic forecasts for the budget will come true, on the contrary, the budget will be normal again this year, he commented. He pointed out that the preparation of the budget for this year, which is very late, and the budget for the next year are pending. 

Denkov added that they are  looking for the support of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms regarding the constitutional reform, because a two-thirds majority is needed there. "For the time being, we have not spoken with them regarding the cabinet," he added. 

GERB leader Boyko Borissov also commented on the negotiations. "Even before the elections I said that the only good thing is an expert broad government, Gabriel and Denkov are negotiating, I think they are very close to making a decision". He added that in the end, "until everything is agreed upon, nothing is agreed upon".

Borissov said that GERB-UDF had not proposed experts in the draft cabinet. "The party of change want to hold themselves responsible, including with political persons," Borissov explained. "We, along with Yes Bulgaria, are responding to their demands," the GERB leader said.  He clarified that it is their right to accept experts from a broader spectrum if they are proposed.

Commenting on the fact that GERB has proposed candidates for ministers, Borissov said that the other parties should also do so. "Times are very hard, terribly important decisions have to be made, it is not within the strength of even one party, I have always said it, but they have high self-esteem," Borissov noted earlier in the day.




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