site.btaBSP Launches Referendum against "Gender Ideology"

BSP Launches Referendum against "Gender Ideology"
BSP Launches Referendum against "Gender Ideology"
BSP leader Korneliya Ninova (BTA Photo)

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) is submitting the documents for a referendum against the so-called "gender ideology" to the Secretariat of the National Assembly, BSP leader Korneliya Ninova said on Wednesday, quoted by her party in a press release.

"We initiated a referendum with the following question: "Do you support the introduction of a ban on education, upbringing and propaganda related to gender change and concepts of a gender other than male and female among children and students in the educational system of Bulgaria?". We remain steadfast in our position that we would not want gender ideology to be allowed in schools and among children," stated Ninova during a press conference in the National Assembly.

"This is  BSP for Bulgaria's initiative, but the Initiative Committee included authorities, scientists, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, athletes - many authority and public figures who are committed to this cause", Ninova said and expressed her gratitude to the Initiative Committee, as well as to everyone in the country who supports and will participate in the referendum.

"For us, the fight for children is a cause. It is supra-party, it is national and we will continue it with all our strength," said Ninova.

"With our referendum, we support the main Bulgarian values, we support education and enlightenment as the main characteristics and values of Bulgarian society," stated the co-chairman of the Initiative Committee, Sheitanov.

"Let's decide whether we want the educational system in Bulgaria to deal with things other than education - to deal with sexual identity and sexual rights of children in kindergarten and schools, or we want the Bulgarian school to remain a forge of Bulgarian personnel," he said in conclusion.




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