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site.btaBSP Leader Ninova:  We Won’t Back Government on GERB Mandate

BSP Leader Ninova:   We Won’t Back Government on GERB Mandate
BSP Leader Ninova:   We Won’t Back Government on GERB Mandate
BSP leader Korneliya Ninova (BTA Photo)

“We won’t back a government formed on the mandate of GERB and we won’t form alliances with GERB and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms,” Bulgarian Socialist Party leader Kornelia Ninova told a news briefing on Monday.

Approached by journalists she said she won’t resign. On Monday BSP’s Executive Bureau had a meeting and on Saturday, the party’s National Council will meet to discuss the party’s showing in the elections and the situation. The Council will decide whether to convene a party congress.

“The election results are not good, we expected a better showing. We managed to preserve more or less the results from the previous elections,” said Ninova.  She said they didn’t expect that Vazrazhdane would win more votes than the BSP.

"The Executive Bureau decided to convene a National Council on Saturday. All chapters from across the country have representatives on the Council. We’ll discuss the elections results, the situation and how we’ll go on. [...] We won’t tender our resignations. My resignation is demanded by people who worked against the BSP throughout the entire campaign. They said in interviews that BSP will slump below the 4% threshold, that we would be last and that the party is dying out,” added Ninova.

Earlier on Monday, MEP Peter Vitanov, who is a member of the BSP leadership, told reporters that more than 70 members of the National Council of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) have submitted a signed request for convening an extraordinary plenum of the party on October 8 after BSP slumped to the fifth place in the legislature following the Sunday elections - the party's worst performance at parliamentary elections.

"The BSP reported its latest poor election result. Our party is gripped by the gravest crisis to date," he said. "At the April 4, 2021 the BSP won 380,146 votes and placed third. At the July 11, 2021 elections some 365,696 people voted for the BSP. At the November 14, 2021 vote we reached a historical bottom winning 267,817 votes. But then it turned out that the free-fall has no end and now we are at the fifth place with under 10%. At a time when the left are ascending in Europe and in the world, when the need for social protection is recognized globally after decades of denial, Bulgaria is on the path of being left without a leftist party. Left-minded people don't see them represented in BSP. The thirst for power divided, discouraged and ruined the party and drove voters away," the Socialist MEP said.

He argued that the Socialists need to get together, to listen to everyone and move on. "Only together and in dialogue we can save the BSP. Our party can embark on a new road. But this needs courage to identify the problems and find solutions". 





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