site.btaIvaylo Petrov of MINDS International: "I Am Sure that BTA Will Continue to Upgrade in New Digital Era"

"I am sure that BTA will keep up the good standard of journalism, as has been always the case over the last 125 years, and will continue to upgrade in the new digital era," Ivaylo Petrov, Head of Communications and Research of Mobile Information and News Data Services (MINDS International), said in a BTA interview here on Thursday.

Petrov is a guest at observances of the Agency's 125th birthday which is marked on February 16.

"I am glad that BTA is already part of MINDS International, which is the family of the leading European and even global news agencies. We work together, we develop, we help each other and improve. That is why I am glad I can be here with you to share your celebration," Petrov said further.

"BTA is positioning itself in the family of global agencies, and I am sure that very good years are lying ahead for the agency in terms of both technological and journalist progress," Petrov added.







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