site.btaExpatriates in Berlin Support Anti-Violence Protests in Bulgaria

Expatriates in Berlin Support Anti-Violence Protests in Bulgaria
Expatriates in Berlin Support Anti-Violence Protests in Bulgaria
Photo by Katya Kostova in Berlin

Expatriates in Berlin supported protests against violence in Bulgaria after an 18-year-old girl in Stara Zagora was disfigured with a box cutter. Bulgarians in the German capital held a gathering on the initiative of two young people, Tsvetelina Todorova and Boris Lukanov. The news was reported for the BG World service of BTA by Katya Kostova, CEO of Art Theatre Berlin, who attended the spontaneous meeting.

The event was a sign of solidarity with the girl and support for the protests in Bulgaria, Kostova said. "The purpose of the organizers was to encourage the sharing of ideas, opinions and projects which can help in the fight against violence, and to raise the Bulgarian community's awareness of the issue," she said.

Mihaela Chirpanlieva, a participant in the gathering, said she was shocked to learn about the case in Stara Zagora. She expressed her disappointment with the institutional reaction, "the impunity in Bulgaria". "I could not sleep, thinking about what happened. It is important for us to show that we disapprove of the reaction of the institutions."

The participants in the meeting plan to come together again. They will consider ways to help young Bulgarians arriving in Germany to avoid risky situations, Kostova said.

She added: "We expected five or six people, but there were more than 30 people at the meeting, all of them young people. Everyone had their own ideas about how our compatriots abroad can help those who suffer in one way or another and can help improve the judicial system in Bulgaria."

The 18-year-old girl in Stara Zagora was assaulted in late June, but it was only a few days ago that the case gained prominence in the public domain and caused a strong outcry. A 26-year-old man, identified as G. G., was arrested in connection with the case. He is charged with inflicting medium bodily injury and issuing death threats. Evidence is still being collected and more medical expert examinations are to be held. G. G. is on record for other similar offences.

Expatriates in Copenhagen also expressed support for the Stara Zagora girl. More such events were planned in Paris and Vienna.







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