site.btaSofia Tech Park Hosts Fourth Edition of “Hello Space, Bulgaria Calling” Festival on June 25

Sofia Tech Park Hosts Fourth Edition of “Hello Space, Bulgaria Calling” Festival on June 25
Sofia Tech Park Hosts Fourth Edition of “Hello Space, Bulgaria Calling” Festival on June 25
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The fourth edition of the festival “Hello Space, Bulgaria Calling” will be held on 25 June in Sofia Tech Park. In this regard, a press conference of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, the main initiator and organizer of the youth science festival, took place at the BTA press club in Sofia on Tuesday.

"The next big challenge for our organization is to put Bulgaria back in space. Bulgaria was a great space power. We were a big space food producer. The goal of our festival is to expand and inspire children's imaginations and dreams, to give them scale, to give them a chance to dream about going to space, to get Nobel Prizes, and those who are in the arts - to get Oscars," said Atlantic Club President and founder Solomon Passy.

The festival programme this year features scientific workshops, interactive exhibitions and talks with scientists from various fields. 

The themes of the festival are again focused on Space and the Universe. Topics to be covered include black holes, teleportation, time travel, cloning and living to the limits of immortality, Antarctica.

Dr. Passy noted that in addition to, this year's festival is expected to include participations from NASA, CERN, the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute, Sofia University, and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, among others.

The highlight this year will be a meeting with Michael Lopez-Alegria, an American former NASA astronaut and current chief astronaut at Axiom Space. He is the NASA record holder with 10 launches into outer space and a total of 67 hours and 40 minutes spent outside spacecraft. The event is free for children.

Prof. Milena Georgieva from the Institute of Molecular Biology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences said that Professor Andrew Coates will also attend the festival to speak about Mars exploration, and the children will get a chance to ask him questions. 

At the end of the press conference, a short video greeting from Michael Lopez-Alegria was presented to the Bulgarian children with a call to attend and participate in the activities of the festival.




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