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PM Glavchev: I Do Not Intend to Propose New Foreign Minister
PM Glavchev: I Do Not Intend to Propose New Foreign Minister
Caretaker Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev (BTA Photo)

In an interview for the Bulgarian National Television on Friday night, caretaker Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev reported that he has no intention to propose a new candidate for foreign minister. Glavchev's statement comes after on April 15, he proposed that Stefan Dimitrov be dismissed as caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs and the post be filled by GERB deputy leader and former foreign minister (2014-2017) Daniel Mitov.

The Prime Minister said that since no presidential decree has been issued for Dimitrov's dismissal, then he has no other candidate to offer. He added: "This is not a casting call for foreign ministers, and I cannot pull them out of my sleeve. I'm very sorry, but I don't have [any other candidates to propose]. Daniel Mitov was my candidate. He decided to comply with the President. He also pointed out why he was withdrawing."

Mitov withdrew his candidacy for caretaker foreign minister earlier Friday.

Glavchev explained his reasoning for asking to have Dimitrov replaced: "There was a series of events, the main one on the night of Saturday before Sunday, when Iran carried out the drone and missile attack on Israel. I telephoned everyone involved in coordinating the actions in Bulgaria, so that we could take care of the well-being of Bulgarians who might feel threatened. I spoke to the Transport Minister during the day, so that the government plane could be sent. I spoke to the head of the Situation Centre of the Foreign Ministry, I spoke to the services. [...] We decided to hold a meeting at 7.00 a.m. in order to take the necessary actions. During all this time, I could not reach Minister Dimitrov in any way. I think that is quite a long period not to be able to reach any of my ministers. If in such an emergency you cannot get in touch, this is unacceptable."

According to the Prime Minister, Dimitrov's presence in the Cabinet is no crisis, because Dimitrov enjoys President Radev's trust.

The Prime Minister described his Cabinet as politically balanced, as it is comprised of representatives of different political parties. He noted that it is difficult to find people who are not politically tied for all the posts of caretaker ministers. It is not easy to find non-partisan candidates.

Glavchev also commented on the proposal to replace the caretaker Agriculture Minister, pointing out that Kiril Vatev himself had chosen to quit. Additionally, Glavchev stated that he was not happy with Vatev's pace of his work, given that Vatev had also been a minister in the regular Cabinet.

On the topic of the preparations for the June 9 snap elections, the caretaker Prime Minister said that all preconditions for holding fair elections are present, which is the main goal of his Cabinet.




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