site.btaToday's Observances: December 1

Today's Observances: December 1
Today's Observances: December 1
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Day of the Military Medical Academy

The world:

- World AIDS Day;
- National Day of Romania: Unification Day (of Romania and Transylvania, 1918);
- National Day of the Central African Republic: Republic Day (1958).

On this date in Bulgarian history:
1932: The country's first high-altitude meteorological station goes into operation on Moussala Peak, the highest in Bulgaria (2,925 m).
1972: The Interkosmos 8 satellite is orbited, carrying Bulgarian equipment to measure ionospheric plasma parameters.

1992: The National Veterinary Service is set up, predecessor of the Food Safety Agency.

1995: Parliament resolves that Bulgaria will formally apply for full membership of the European Union.

2000: EU ministers of justice and home affairs take Bulgaria off the "visa blacklist" and unconditionally abolish EU short-term visas for Bulgarian travellers.

2007: Conscription military service is abolished. 





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