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Deputy PM Demands Resignation of Bulgarian Posts Management
Deputy PM Demands Resignation of Bulgarian Posts Management
Deputy PM Kalina Konstantinova (BTA Photo)

Deputy Prime Minister for Good Governance Kalina Konstantinova requested the resignations of the Executive Director and the Board of Directors of Bulgarian Posts, Konstantinova said on Tuesday at a press conference at the Council of Ministers on the current situation in the post offices.

For over two weeks postal offices across the country have been blocked following a hacker attack on April 16. 

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Konstantinova said that due to the poor financial results, insufficient investments in information security and data protection, the Bulgarian Posts have been neglected consistently, adding that mostly second hand equipment has been purchased for the Posts.

''We found a company that was systematically and consistently going bankrupt. GERB's Ministry of Finance has systematically underfunded Bulgarian Posts,'' Konstantinova explained.

In 2021, the company's losses amount to BGN 13 million, although the business plan is a profit of BGN 100,000, Konstantinova said. She pointed out that the company's management had made no effort to change things.

The Deputy Prime Minister also said that the board of directors of Bulgarian Posts had not changed in the last six years. According to Konstantinova, no company owner would hold people in a managerial position who allow the loss of market share and only half of the shipments arrive on time.

The Deputy Prime Minister recalled that Bulgarian Posts is a 100% state-owned enterprise with 2,973 post offices and over 9,000 employees. The annual financing of the company is BGN 80 million.

Konstantinova pointed out that Bulgarian Posts is a top priority of the government. The government has developed a strategy for saving and modernizing the post office, working on its implementation from the outset. "We have prepared a completely new project under the Recovery Plan for BGN 100 million and it has already been approved," Konstantinova said.

"Not an immediate reaction"

Vassil Velichkov, an IT expert and adviser to Konstantinova, said that the reaction of Bulgarian Posts to the hacking "was not immediate". It was established on April 16 but the hackers started penetrating the Bulgarian Posts information system on April 4. They installed tools to facilitate the spread of the malware and maximize the damage to the infrastructure. The contact with the command servers did not take place until April 16, when the data encryption started. That day was picked because it was a non-business day and the payment of pensions was coming up, said Velichkov. There may have been a leak of personal data but no traces were left.

Because the reaction to the hacking was slow, the malware has caused considerable damage and much of the data has been lost.

The hackers did not ask a ransom. Velichkov said that the government is not negotiating with terrorists and cited data that 36% of organizations attacked with cryptoviruses in 2021 agreed to pay a ransom and only 8% of them were given a key to restore the lost data.

It has been established that the malware have a clear MO of Russia and the Russian special services, said the Deputy Prime Minister's advisor.

He added that much of the prime services of Bulgarian Posts has been restored, including the payment of pensions and the international parcel service. Some other services will take more time to resume.





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