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Bulgaria Remains in Solidarity with Ukraine in Its Fight for a Just Peace, PM Denkov Says
Bulgaria Remains in Solidarity with Ukraine in Its Fight for a Just Peace, PM Denkov Says
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Russia cannot win this war. And one day there will be justice for all war crimes against the Ukrainian people. This is what Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov said in an address on the two-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine, distributed by the government information service on Saturday.

"Bulgaria remains in solidarity with Ukraine in its fight for a just peace - for Ukraine and for all democratic peoples," the Prime Minister said.

On this date, exactly two years ago, the news broke that Russia had launched a war against Ukraine, Denkov reminded, describing the war as "an unprovoked, gratuitous, absurd war that has shaken the democratic world."

For more than 700 days, we have witnessed the horrors of this brutal war waged by the Putin regime - the devastation of peaceful cities in Ukraine, the murder of innocent people, the destruction of families, more than 20,000 Ukrainian children illegally abducted by Russian forces, Denkov said, adding that all this is for the "abominable purpose" of bringing an independent and free country, at the heart of Europe, to its knees or to its destruction.

In Denkov’s words, with its actions in Ukraine, Russia continues to violate human rights, to violate international law, to strike blows at the economies of all democratic countries. "Regardless of the Kremlin's massive disinformation and propaganda, there is no doubt that Russia is waging war against the right to a peaceful, happy and full life of every citizen of Europe, including Bulgaria," the Bulgarian Prime Minister said.

He pointed out that Bulgaria has made its choice long ago - to be a peaceful, democratic, free European state. "Two years ago, the Kremlin reminded us that we must fight for peace and defend our values every day. Today we defend them by continuing to support Ukraine, the victim of this aggression," the Prime Minister said in his address.

Bulgaria was among the first countries to help Ukraine at the beginning of the war, and it will continue to provide political, humanitarian, material and military assistance to the maximum extent of its capabilities and legislation, Denkov assured. "We remain strongly engaged in the processes of implementing President Zelenskyy's peace formula, the Coalition for Ukrainian Children and in the processes of Ukraine's reconstruction," Denkov added.

On Saturday, the buildings of the National Assembly and the Council of Ministers will be illuminated in the colours of the Ukrainian flag to mark two years since the beginning of the war.


Ukraine and its people highly appreciate the political, military-technical, humanitarian and human assistance from Bulgaria, said Ukrainian Ambassador here Olesya Uluschuk said in an interview with bTV. She added that Ukraine is grateful to the National Assembly and the government for the decisions adopted on providing military-technical, military and defence assistance. "This helps us a lot in confronting the Russian invaders, in reclaiming literally every inch of Ukrainian land, in protecting the lives of our citizens who live under systematic rocket fire," the ambassador said.


Bulgaria remains strongly committed as long as necessary and will do whatever it takes to achieve victory, a just peace and the full restoration of Ukraine. This was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on its official Facebook page.

Two years after the start of the Russian military aggression, all of us in the European Union and NATO are united in our response to the war and Russia's destabilising behaviour. We strongly condemn the Kremlin's attempts to discredit democratic values, violate human rights and threaten peace and security in the Black Sea region, in Europe and in the world, the ministry wrote.




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