site.btaPM Denkov Signs Agreement with Protesting Miners

PM Denkov Signs Agreement with Protesting Miners
PM Denkov Signs Agreement with Protesting Miners
Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov talking to reporters, Sofia, September 3, 2023 (BTA Photo)

Emerging from a meeting with representatives of protesting miners and energy workers here on Tuesday, Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov said that the main participants in the discussion had signed an agreement. "We restarted the process that was interrupted on September 30, when we were ready to discuss an agreement but that did not happen. The protests began, the protesters formulated six points [demands] yesterday [Monday], today we began from those six points and we have a final agreement," Denkov told reporters. 

The agreement contains seven points, he specified. The first two are written in a more expert manner, because on Wednesday the seven points will be tabled in Parliament as a draft resolution so that it would be clear that this is a commitment of the Government but also of the parties supporting the Government. Other parties can join if they so decide, Denkov commented.

Miners and energy workers have been protesting since last week demanding guarantees that the State will not reduce coal capacities and close coal-fired power plants until 2038.







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