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Today's Observances: September 25
Today's Observances: September 25
Art by Desislava Toncheva


- Day of the Bulgarian Armed Forces signals and information support troops;

- Day of Dobrich (Northeast Bulgaria).

On this date in Bulgarian history:

1396: At Nikopol, Sultan Bayazid defeats West European crusaders led by Hungarian King Sigismund and takes Bulgarian Tsar Ivan Stratsimir into captivity. Bulgaria falls under Ottoman rule.

1940: Romanian occupation of City of Dobrich end under Treaty of Craiova.

1944: Bulgaria severs its diplomatic relations with Hungary (established on August 9, 1920, at legation level, restored on June 18, 1947, promoted to embassy level on February 13, 1954).

1951: Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) becomes autonomous national news organization.

1983: 2,000-seat building of the Sofia State Circus next to Vazrazhdane Square, built in 1962, burns down in a fire. It is never restored.

1990: Bulgaria joins World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

1996: Bulgaria signs Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

2008: National Assembly ratifies Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe, signed in Vienna on May 5, 2006, by Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, and Serbia and Montenegro.




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