site.btaBG Crafts Gallery Plans Exhibition in New York on May 24

BG Crafts Gallery Plans Exhibition in New York on May 24
BG Crafts Gallery Plans Exhibition in New York on May 24
Latchezara "Latchi" Delchev (Photo: Facebook)

The Bulgarian Consulate General in New York will host an art exhibition on the occasion of Bulgaria's most important cultural holiday, Alphabet Day, May 24. The exhibition has been organized by BG Crafts Gallery, an online platform popularizing Bulgarian painters, sculptors, wood carvers and craftspeople in the United States and Western Europe.

The platform's co-founder Latchezara "Latchi" Delchev was born in the Danubian city of Ruse and has lived in the United States for 30 years now. Her day job is in the field of international business management, and BG Crafts Gallery is her personal cause.

Interviewed for BG World, a news service of the Bulgarian News Agency (BTA), Delchev said she was a child when she moved to the US with her family on a green card. She perceives herself as a passionate esthete and an admirer of creativity. She believes that art is the only reliable path to the complex human soul.

BG Crafts Gallery started functioning in December 2022 after two years of planning, Delchev said. The project was inspired by her encounters with Bulgarian art, which she enjoyed during her summer holidays in Bulgaria and on social media. She is of the opinion that the era of materialism we live in needs more beauty and inspiration. She invites everyone to discover these things in the authentic works of Bulgarian artists who have something to say to the world.

Contemporary sculpture, inspiring paintings and creative handcrafts are some of the artistic domains promoted by the online platform. Visitors can search for artworks by type, subject matter or price range, among other criteria.

BG Crafts Gallery throws a virtual bridge between art and the eyes able to appreciate it. It is aimed to provide an easy and pleasant way for art lovers to buy Bulgarian art from the online store of the platform, Delchev said. She noted that this is not an easy mission; it takes a lot of time, money, persistence and patience. What keeps her team going forward is their love for art and their belief that they will meet people who support their initiative. They are open to partnership with art galleries, interior designers and Bulgarian cultural centres abroad, among other organizations.

BG Crafts Gallery has organized seven exhibitions so far. The first two were in Bulgaria in June 2023, followed by two in St. Louis, Missouri, where Delchev lives, and three in Chicago, Illinois.

The upcoming exhibition in New York on May 24 will be called Roots, Delchev said. She thanked Consul General Angel Angelov for the opportunity to present the beauty of Bulgarian talent live. BG Crafts Gallery works with artists who offer world-class quality. Mutual trust and respect are another condition. It is all about sharing the positive energy of the platform's clients with the world, Delchev said.




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