site.bta Hydrogen Roadshow Event Starts in Sofia

 Hydrogen Roadshow Event Starts in Sofia
 Hydrogen Roadshow Event Starts in Sofia
Hydrogen Roadshow in Sofia (BTA Photo/Yoanna Lashkova)

The Hydrogen Roadshow initiative commenced in Sofia Monday, showcasing the latest in hydrogen fuel technology, event organizers shared with BTA on Monday. The President of the Bulgarian Fuel Cell, Hydrogen and Energy Storage Association Daria Vladikova hosted the opening ceremony.

Other dignitaries also attended and addressed the event, including the Head of European Commission's Representation in Bulgaria Yordanka Chobanova, Energy Minister Vladimir Malinov, Deputy Minister of Innovation and Growth Georgi Angelov, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Dimitar Nedyalkov, Deputy Minister of Education and Science Nikolay Vitanov, and the Sofia Line Deputy Mayor for the Transport and Urban Mobility Division Iliyan Pavlov.

Attendees experienced a demonstration tour on the Caetano Toyota hydrogen bus and had the opportunity to test drive Bulgaria's first hydrogen car, the Hyundai NEXO SUV. The event highlighted the advantages and future potential of clean hydrogen energy.

The implementation of hydrogen electromobility is set to open new opportunities for the Bulgarian energy sector, said Minister of Energy Vladimir Malinov during the unveiling of the Toyota Caetano bus. He expressed satisfaction with Bulgaria's initial steps towards hydrogen electromobility and highlighted the current environmental and climate challenges that need addressing. He pointed out the extreme volatility in the electricity market in recent years and the impact of the conflict in Ukraine on the energy sector, which he described as presenting challenges in a radically different context.

Emphasizing the critical role of hydrogen as a priority in the energy sector and its applications in the industrial and transportation sectors, Malinov revealed plans to set hydrogen infrastructure as a priority and expressed hope of funding by the European Commission. A pilot project at the underground storage facility in Chiren will explore the use of green hydrogen for captive consumption. "Hydrogen technology applications may help us respond to climate change-presented challenges", he opined.

Vladikova said that Europe's most extensive hydrogen bus electromobility project has successfully deployed 300 buses across 16 cities in six countries. She highlighted the environmental benefits of a new hydrogen-powered bus, emphasizing zero emissions. Hydrogen fuel, derived from renewable sources, powers the bus via a fuel cell that converts hydrogen into electricity. This process, which does not involve combustion, results in only clean water being emitted from the exhaust.

Bulgaria has launched the first hydrogen mobile charging station and introduced the first hydrogen car in the Balkan region, spearheaded by the scientists from the Hitmobile project. Vladikova expressed optimism about maintaining the country's leadership in this innovative field.

The Hydrogen Roadshow, running from June 16 to June 26 across three cities, is part of a European campaign to enhance hydrogen electromobility in Southeast Europe. This initiative, organised by the Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems "Academician Evgeni Budevski" at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, focuses on promoting the benefits of hydrogen-powered transport as a sustainable and cost-effective option.




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