site.btaFood Price Index Up by 1.37% in One Week

Food Price Index Up by 1.37% in One Week
Food Price Index Up by 1.37% in One Week
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The market index for wholesale food prices in Bulgaria went up by 1.37% to 2.140 points over the outgoing week, the State Commission for Commodity Exchanges and Wholesale Markets said. Last week, the index stood at 2.111 points. The base level of 1 point was set in 2005.

The average wholesale price of imported cucumbers went down by 9% to BGN 2.13 per kilogramme, the price of greenhouse cucumbers by 4.8% to BGN 2.80/kg. The price of greenhouse tomatoes dropped by 17% to BGN 2.97/kg. Potatoes fell by 4.6% to BGN 1.44/kg.

The price of carrots increased by 10.9% to BGN 1.32/kg, imported onions rose by 12% to BGN 1.77/kg. The price of cabbage decreased by 10.2% to BGN 0.88/kg.

Imported apples went up by 8.1%, selling at BGN 1.74/kg, while lemons maintained their price at BGN 2.38/kg. Bananas dropped by 2.6% to BGN 2.67/kg and imported strawberries by 4.9% to BGN 4.06/kg. The price of oranges increased by 4% to BGN 1.84/kg.

The average wholesale price of white brined cheese from cow's milk rose by 2.1% to BGN 10.96/kg. The price of yellow kashkaval cheese of the Vitosha type increased by 1.6% to BGN 17.18/kg.

The price of yogurt (with fat content of 3% and over) fell by 0.9% to BGN 1.16 for a cup of 400 grammes. Fresh milk (with fat content of 3%) rose by 2.6% to BGN 2.33 per litre.

Chicken depreciated by 0.8% to BGN 6.60/kg. The average wholesale price of eggs (size M) went down by 3.2% and they were selling at BGN 0.30 per piece.

The price of rice dropped by 0.9% to BGN 3.25/kg. Lentils rose by 0.9% to BGN 4.32/kg. Dry common beans appreciated by 0.5% to BGN 4.16/kg.

The price of sugar dropped by 3.5% to BGN 1.93/kg, while sunflower oil increased by 1.5% to BGN 2.73 per litre. The price of flour (type 500) went up by 1.5% to BGN 1.32/kg, while butter from cow’s milk decreased by 4.1% to BGN 2.59 for a pack of 125 grammes.




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