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site.btaBulgarian Poet Nayden Valchev: Thracians Vanished Because They Had No Letters

Bulgarian Poet Nayden Valchev: Thracians Vanished Because They Had No Letters
Bulgarian Poet Nayden Valchev: Thracians Vanished Because They Had No Letters
Esteemed Bulgarian poet Nayden Valchev (BTA Photo)

"Good morning, Sredna Gora's green town, good morning, when the anthem Advance, regenerated people has not yet sounded. When we are still enjoying Children's Day. When we bow our foreheads to the pen and sabre of Hristo Botev. And you, Kazanlak, open your arms wide to embrace these young people who spread the Bulgarian word - beyond parallels and meridians." said esteemed poet Nayden Valchev, author of lyrics to the classic song A Bulgarian Rose, said in his opening speech at the 18th World Meeting of Bulgarian Media in Kazanlak.

"Thanks to the Rose Valley, which 60 years ago so delighted me to write a few words that composers and performers turned into the memorable song, [...]. In 2000 it was honoured as the song of the century. One can ask no more of it. It was born from the spirit of Thrace. And those Thracians who lived here, where they are, where is their country? It vanished because they had no letters. And we are the friends of the letters. It is heartwarming to me to see so many young people serving the work of the letters, the work of the enlighteners. And like Botev's readers they carry the word, freedom, freedom, freedom. Of words, of thoughts, of the press," Valchev added.


The Bulgarian poet, writer and translator Valchev was born on August 30 1927 in Brestnitsa. He made his first poetic attempts in high school. In 1951 he graduated from the Faculty of Law of Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, but did not practice his profession because he devoted himself to literature.

His first published his works in 1946. While he served in the military he wrote poems, which he published in his first book of poems in 1953.

Valchev was a member of the Union of Bulgarian Writers, and in 1983 was elected chairman of the Poetry Section of the Union.


Valchev is the author of 18 poetry collections. In 2022, on the occasion of his 95th anniversary, his poetry collection Swan was published. About it, Valchev said: "This is the title of my last poem from 2022. It is not dedicated to anyone, but the invention leads to a swan song. My first poem from 1952 is also included."

Some of Valchev's poetic work is dedicated to children, writing under the pseudonym Chik Chirik.

Valchev was among the founders of the Union of Translators in Bulgaria and was its chairman from 1989 to 1991. He is a translator from Russian language. He has translated books of poetry by poets such as Alexander Pushkin,Adam Mickiewicz, Mikhail Lermontov, Sergei Yesenin, Robert Rozhdestvensky, Izabella Akhmadulina and others. According to Valchev, a true translator should translate what he would not be ashamed of, translate it with the awareness that he is already defending two names - the author's and his own.


Valchev has written the lyrics to a number of popular songs. He wrote the lyrics for the song A Bulgarian Rose performed by Pasha Hristova to music by Dimitar Valchev.

BTA is organizing the 18th World Meeting of the Bulgarian Media in Kazanlak on June 1-4 2023 with the assistance of Kazanlak Municipality, National Endowment Fund “13 Centuries Bulgaria” , Aurubis Bulgaria, POC Doverie, Postbank, A1 and Nestle Bulgaria.







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