site.btaMaestro Plamen Djouroff for BTA: It Is Harder to Create Nowadays

Maestro Plamen Djouroff for BTA: It Is Harder to Create Nowadays
Maestro Plamen Djouroff for BTA: It Is Harder to Create Nowadays
Maestro Plamen Djouroff (BTA Photo)

In an interview for BTA, Sofia Soloists Chamber Ensemble conductor Maestro Plamen Djouroff said that it is harder to create nowadays. “We think that we are doing something beautiful, that we are doing something for the people that will make their lives more interesting and more harmonious, but when there are such critical moments, such as an economic and migrant crisis, war, that [the creative process] is depressing because you feel helpless and useless,” he specified.

According to him, music can help overcome the divisions in society. In his words, being together in the music hall, feeling inspired, contemplative, looking inwards, should bring people closer and make them a community – that is the idea behind music and theatre art. 

The most important thing for young people’s development is the creation of an environment in which they grow up, because it determines their behaviour, the Maestro argued. That environment should include more classical music, more art education. In countries like Germany, France, and the UK, the problem is solved by giving children in school a music instrument to play on, be it a classical instrument or an electric guitar. The concentration that music art requires is useful in all other crafts, he said.

Maestro Djouroff, who is among the participants in the March Music Days international festival, described the event as one of the most durable public and professional forums. “As early as when I was a student, when I came to the festival for the first time, I understood that other doors to knowledge are opened here,” he said. 

March Music Days is on in Ruse until April 2. The festival includes 27 events, seven orchestral and 11 ensemble programmes, two opera performances, and a choral concert. March Music Days is organized by the Municipality of Ruse with the support of the Ministry of Culture, and BTA is one of its main media partners.




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