site.btaProtest against Patriarchal Violence Staged in Front of Sofia's Palace of Justice

Protest against Patriarchal Violence Staged in Front of Sofia's Palace of Justice
Protest against Patriarchal Violence Staged in Front of Sofia's Palace of Justice
A protest against patriarchal violence and harassment in front of the Palace of Justice, Sofia, June 25, 2024 (BTA Photo/Blagoy Kirilov)

Members of the public gathered in front of Sofia's Palace of Justice on Tuesday evening to protest against patriarchal violence and harassment. 

The initiative was prompted by what the protesters see as inadequate treatment by the court and the prosecution service of a man charged with the murder of a Ukrainian woman who was his extramarital partner.

"Within the last two weeks, this is the fifth murder of a woman committed by her partner or family member. The problem with domestic violence has reached monstrous proportions in Bulgaria, and we cannot wait to turn into the latest in a series of victims, nor can we sit and watch peacefully how our sisters are killed," said Valya Marinova of the organizers. She added that "Not One More" is a call for collective rejection of patriarchal violence in all its forms: physical, mental, economic and institutional. "The patriarchate is not simply about denying woman the right to have a say or the right to divorce. The patriarchate is an entire culture which tolerates killing, violence and harassment not only of women but also of LGBTI+ people," Marinova added.

Patriarchal violence is an interconnected system of institutions, practices, policies, beliefs and behaviours that harm, undervalue and terrorize gender-oppressed people. It is based on the domination, control, and colonizing of bodies, genders and sexualities. It is a global power structure and manifests itself at the systemic, institutional, interpersonal and internalized level. It is rooted in interlocking systems of oppression.

The protesters insist on real and tangible prevention including urgent programmes for public awareness, access to information about crisis situations, and adequate victim protection programmes.

The participants in the protest chanted "Not One More", "Sexism Kills, Authorities Stand Still," and "We've Had Enough, We Won't Shut Up".




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