site.btaToday's Observances: May 28

Today's Observances: May 28
Today's Observances: May 28
The launch of "Radetzki", 1966 (BTA photo)

The world:

- National Day of Ethiopia. Downfall of Mengistu Regime (1991);

- National Day of Azerbaijan. Republic Day (independence from Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic in 1918).

On this date in Bulgarian history:

1920: Labour Service Act is adopted, obligating young men aged 20 and over and girls aged 16 and over to do community service.

1966: Diplomatic relations with Turkey, established at legation level in 1925, are upgraded to embassy level.

1966: Reconstructed steamship "Radetzky" (composite of 1953 Soviet paddle tug and pieces of original vessel salvaged in 1918) is launched to mark 90th anniversary of heroic death of Bulgarian revolutionary poet Hristo Botev. On May 29, 1876 Austro-Hungarian passenger ship was commandeered by Botev and his detachment and forced to land them on Danube bank near Kozloduy, where they planned to join uprising against Ottoman rule. 

1990: In Sofia, Bulgarian Red Cross opens Bulgaria's first regular school for nurses.




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