site.btaAll NATO Member States Involved in Ukraine War to Varying Extents, Says President Radev

All NATO Member States Involved in Ukraine War to Varying Extents, Says President Radev
All NATO Member States Involved in Ukraine War to Varying Extents, Says President Radev
President Rumen Radev (BTA Photo)

President Rumen Radev who spoke at a press conference here on Monday said that every NATO member state is involved in the Ukraine war to varying extents.

The head of State specified: "All NATO member states are entangled in this war in one way or another – through intelligence sharing, target identification, arms provision, ammunition supply, training provision, advisory roles, or contractor services, all of which are present within Ukraine." Radev, who arrived in Switzerland on Monday for an official visit, made these comments in response to a question about Bulgaria's political reaction to the supply of arms to Ukraine and the prevailing situation in the region.

Radev argued that previous assurances from Bulgarian politicians and institutions that Bulgaria will not be sending troops to Ukraine are meaningless if another NATO member state provokes a direct confrontation with Russia.

The President highlighted the insignificance of the National Assembly's decisions in the event of a foreign nation provoking a conflict with Russia, referencing Bulgaria's NATO membership and the implications of Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty. This article states that an attack on one member nation is considered an attack on all.

Bulgarian political leaders must urgently address this issue with a clear and focused approach, aiming to hasten the end of this conflict, Radev insisted. He encouraged them to pursue peaceful solutions based on international law, rather than merely echoing sentiments that remain unclear to some.

The Bulgarian head of State called for rationality, stressing that in cases of uncertainty, policy-makers have the option to seek expert advice.

In response to questions about the upcoming peace summit, Radev emphasized its crucial importance as a first step towards discussions focused on peace, rather than on weapons, strategic planning, or victory. He praised Swiss President Viola Amherd for initiating this move. Both leaders expressed a shared sense of cautious optimism, recognizing that without the involvement of the opposing side, tangible results remain uncertain. Starting this dialogue is essential, with the potential inclusion of additional nations – particularly those from the Global South, but also key countries such as China, South Africa, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, among others. The expectation for their participation continues, the President noted.

President Radev highlighted his recent discussion with Viola Amherd, which covered a wide range of topics, including bilateral cooperation, the European agenda, and the global geopolitical landscape. Radev emphasized Bulgaria's gratitude for the impressive results of the joint programme between the two countries. He stated that the initiative has been remarkably successful, leading the way in introducing dual vocational training in Bulgaria. The second phase of the programme is already in the pipeline. Valued at CHF 93 million, it continues to prioritize areas such as education, scientific research, technology, security, migration, and civil society.




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