site.btaInterior Minister in Brussels: Countering Trafficking Groups Requires Enhanced Cooperation

Interior Minister in Brussels: Countering Trafficking Groups Requires Enhanced Cooperation
Interior Minister in Brussels: Countering Trafficking Groups Requires Enhanced Cooperation
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Actively countering trafficking groups requires enhanced operational cooperation between countries, Interior Minister Kalin Stoyanov said at a Justice and Home Affairs Council meeting in Brussels on Monday, the Interior Ministry said. 

During the meeting, Minister Stoyanov highlighted several priority tasks facing Bulgaria - preparation for the implementation of the Pact on Migration and Asylum and strengthening of the national asylum and readmission systems, the timely launch of the Entry/Exit system and the full operationalization of Frontex. Stoyanov stressed that in parallel, work should be done to improve the situation in Schengen and to counter human trafficking networks even more actively. 

The Minister noted the need for enhanced police operational cooperation between countries, including intensive exchange of information; increased joint activities between groups of countries as well as at national level; identification of contact points at strategic and operational level to monitor joint activities and respond quickly to emergencies and new developments; coordinated parallel activities against migrant smuggling networks and joint investigations with the support of Europol and Eurojust. 

Of the consolidation of Schengen and the upcoming abolition of controls at the internal air and sea borders of Bulgaria and Romania as of March 31 this year, Minister Stoyanov assured that Bulgaria has taken all technical and operational measures to ensure the smooth removal of controls and is taking its Schengen membership responsibly. 

“For Bulgaria the role of Frontex is extremely important and in this sense the effective implementation of the Regulation, staffing the agency and the maximum use of its mandate are a priority for us,” the Minister Stoyanov said. He stressed the need to strengthen cooperation between Frontex and the Member States exposed to continuous migration pressure, as well as to improve awareness, which would enhance the quality of risk analysis. 

Earlier on Monday, Brussels said that it is taking further action with Bulgaria and Romania on border management and migration, with the Commission expected to provide EUR 85 million for this purpose.   

Minister Stoyanov signed a Strategic Framework for Cooperation between the EC, EU Agencies and Bulgaria with Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson. 




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