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PM-Designate Gabrovski to Democratic Bulgaria: Let's Try to Reduce Radicalization
PM-Designate Gabrovski to Democratic Bulgaria: Let's Try to Reduce Radicalization
Nikolay Gabrovski and GRB-UDF floor leader Desislava Atanasova, Dec. 8 (BTA Photo)

GERB-UDF's Prime Minister-designate Nikolay Gabrovski Thursday met with Democratic Bulgaria representatives as part of the attempts of the largest parliamentary force to drum up support for a government on the first mandate.

Gabrovski said: "Let's try to reduce this radicalization, which is becoming increasingly visible and has been going on for quite some time. Although I am fully aware this is the way to mobilize citizens and party cores, it is time for a different approach."

He expressed a hope that his statements and personality would open the door to a consensus, greater understanding and expertise.

"It is my personal commitment that a constitutional majority will be sought to set in place a mechanism for accountability of the Prosecutor General," the Prime Minister-designate also said.

A judicial reform with multiple aspects, including a mechanism to ensure the accountability of the prosecutor general is a top priority for Democratic Bulgaria.

Democratic Bulgaria co-leader Hristo Ivanov said: "We cannot back a government on the first mandate in this configuration." He added that they could not find a way to overcome the differences, and expressed a hope that Gabrovski would succeed despite the difficulties.

"If your mission to propose a cabinet is successful, we will be open, albeit in opposition, to work on concrete topics the way we have been working with GERB-UDF. There is a wide range of topics on which we work well and find common ground," Ivanov said.

He added that Democratic Bulgaria would keep pressing for work in areas related to the rule of law, security, modernization and business climate.

Ivanov said the alliance is fully aware of its role as the sixth largest parliamentary force and stressed that Thursday's meeting was the beginning of a possible conversation on subjects of benefit to the country.

He praised Gabrovski for taking his civic duty seriously and trying "to help the political system overcome its differences".

Gabrovski is meeting with BSP for Bulgaria and Bulgarian Rise later on Thursday, and with the other parliamentary forces on Friday.




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