site.bta5th Meeting of Bulgarian Communities in Romania Takes Place on Saturday

5th Meeting of Bulgarian Communities in Romania Takes Place on Saturday
5th Meeting of Bulgarian Communities in Romania Takes Place on Saturday
Ruse Municipal Administration Photo

The 5th meeting of the Bulgarian communities in Romania took place on Saturday in the Smarald Forest Events complex and was organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Romania and the Bulgarian Union of Banat–Romania. The event was attended by Ruse Regional Governor Dragomir Draganov, Ruse Deputy Mayor Dimitar Nedev, the Medika Administrative Director Alice Murtezova, Executive Director of Euroregion Danubius Association Lili Gancheva, as well as Bulgarian football legend Hristo Stoichkov.

Draganov thanked the Bulgarian diaspora for developing such strong civic activity, which is the basis of closeness to the homeland.

Bulgarian Ambassador in Romania Radko Vlaykov said  that it is wonderful to see so many Bulgarians in one place. He also thanked the national representative of the Bulgarian minority in the Romanian Parliament, Georgi Nakov.  He pointed out that the two countries are constantly making efforts to preserve the Bulgarian language, folklore and national identity. 

On his part, Nakov pointed out that May 24, the Day of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius, of the Bulgarian Alphabet,  is a unifying day for all Bulgarians. He thanked Vlaykov for the opportunity he created for the Bulgarian minority to become united.

Hristo Stoichkov pointed out that May 24 is a great holiday and he never doubted that it will remain a symbol of Bulgaria. He received a diploma from the Bulgarian embassy, and Ambassador Vlaykov stressed that  Stoichkov is the ambassador of Bulgaria in all countries of the world. 

During Satursday's event, a prayer for health and prosperity was offered by the representative of the Bulgarian Patriarchate in Bucharest, Archpriest Kiril Sinev. More than 30 performances were included in the festive cultural programme, and the celebration concluded with a performance by the Ruse ensemble Kukeri. The event was attended by hundreds of Bulgarians, representatives of all the Bulgarian communities in Romania.




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