site.btaRomania Shrouded in Saharan Dust

Romania Shrouded in Saharan Dust
Romania Shrouded in Saharan Dust
A car covered in a layer of Saharan dust (BTA Photo)

A Saharan dust cloud has once again shrouded Romania. The phenomenon is more prominent in areas where rain showers have occurred overnight. A fine layer of sand, brown water drops, and mud could be seen covering most vehicles in downtown Bucharest on Wednesday. Images taken in Tulcea, Constanta, Ialomița, Braila, and other areas of the country where the phenomenon was most clearly evident are all over social media.

Many Romanians took to social media to share their amazement at the large amount of dust accumulated in the country. One of them wrote: "I thought the neighbours had simply not had their cars washed. Car washes hit the jackpot today, for sure".

The Saharan dust plume will linger over Romania well into Wednesday before heading northeast, the National Meteorological Administration of Romania said.

"The phenomenon has been observed for the fourth time this spring. This is probably the highest concentration of Saharan dust since 2018. All this is caused by a cyclone that forms in the Mediterranean Sea and facilitates the quick movement of dust from the Sahara, Libya, to the Balkan Peninsula and Romania," a National Meteorological Administration representative told Antena 3.




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