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site.btaRadio Has Ample Room for Development - CEOs of BNR, Darik Radio

Radio Has Ample Room for Development - CEOs of BNR, Darik Radio
Radio Has Ample Room for Development - CEOs of BNR, Darik Radio
A Bulgarian National Radio studio, Sofia, 1980 (BTA archive)

Radio has ample room for further development, according to the Director General of Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) Milen Mitev and the Executive Director of Darik Radio, Hristo Hristov. They were approached by BTA for comment on the occasion of World Radio Day.

The World Radio Day is marked on February 13 by a decision of UNESCO of 2012.

"Although in recent years visual media have been at the center of innovation, it seems to me that they are closer to their peak, while in radio, in sound, there is still a lot of room for development," says Milen Mitev. According to him, sound as a medium, as a way of communicating with the audience gives much more possibilities for communication between the creators and users of media content.

"As a public media, we strive to expand our audience by offering our content through all possible platforms. Radio is and always will be primarily sound, but to be able to meet audience needs, we now also offer sound, text and picture where possible. So that anyone who wants to listen to, watch or read content created by BNR can do so in the way that suits them," says Mitev.

The reason radio is growing as a media, according to Hristo Hristov, is that we live in the era of multitasking. "The only form of media we can use while driving or cycling or running is audio. It is for a reason that audio advertising is the fastest growing format online. I'll give you another example, look at how you chat, people don't write messages anymore, they leave a voice message," he commented. He said radio is becoming a global media format through the internet. 

"In today's changing reality, the need for quick but accurate, verified information, analysis and commentary is becoming particularly sought after by listeners. And this is not only a global trend - it is also observed in Bulgaria. Radio is keeping pace with new technologies, radio listening is changing with the penetration of technologies," says Hristov.




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