site.btaSituation in Earthquake-Destroyed Nurdagi Remains Grave

Situation in Earthquake-Destroyed Nurdagi Remains Grave
Situation in Earthquake-Destroyed Nurdagi Remains Grave
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The situation in the earthquake-destroyed town of Nurdagi, located in the southern Turkish Province of Gaziantep, remains grave after 7.8- and 7.5-magnitude earthquakes struck southern Turkiye and western Syria on February 6, 2023

Thousands of people continue to sleep in tent camps set up by the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency, in their cars or literally under the sky, wrapped only in blankets. The situation is getting worse and tensions are rising among the people as nearly a week has passed since the devastating earthquakes and many residents who have not been evacuated are in distress.

There is a lot of heavy equipment, police, firefighters, medics and volunteers in the city. Helicopters are flying over the area.

On Saturday, the local media Gaziantep Gunes reported that a 13-year-old teenager was rescued 138 hours after the first devastating earthquake from the debris of a collapsed building in Nurdagi.

Several other residents of the town, including children, were reported rescued over the past day.

Sadly, the death toll from the devastating earthquakes in the town of 41,000 continues to rise.

In addition to tent camps, vans are being set up in the town for the remaining homeless people. Citizens are being assisted and there are many locations in the town where volunteers are distributing hot and dry food, water, tea and juice. Diapers and milk for babies are being distributed as well.

On Saturday, a 4.5 magnitude earthquake was once again recorded in Nurdagi. The tremor occurred at 10:55 am local time at a depth of 6.5 kilometres.

There is no electricity and water in the area. Telephone connections as well as internet communications are very poor.







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