Assault on Bulgarian in Ohrid, North Macedonia

site.btaBulgarian Societies in North Macedonia React to Ohrid Incident

Bulgarian Societies in North Macedonia React to Ohrid Incident
Bulgarian Societies in North Macedonia React to Ohrid Incident
King Boris III club in Ohrid (BTA Photo)

Bulgarian societies in the Republic of North Macedonia reacted in a letter to President Stevo Pendarovski, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski, Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani, regarding Thursday's beating of the secretary of the King Boris III Bulgarian Cultural Club in Ohrid Hristian Pendikov.

Pendikov has a broken jaw and a suspected vertebral injury at the Ohrid traumatology hospital.

"It is clear from your behaviour that you tacitly agree to the daily attacks, insults, insinuations, media harassment and institutional obstruction... and finally physical attacks against persons belonging to the Macedonian Bulgarian community. Our assessment is that this atmosphere of insecurity suits you because of your incompetence, so in the absence of positive results from your duties you resort to the old and familiar from the past measures based on “results” - we must defend our country! We saw one of these “results” yesterday in Ohrid," the Bulgarian societies' address reads.

Representatives of Bulgarian associations also said that they would seek help and support from international organisations whose focus is human rights and freedoms.

So far, there has only been a reaction to the incident from Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani.

The King Boris III Club in Ohrid was opened in October last year and has so far been the target of several attacks, the first of which was an attack on the premises with an agricultural cleaver, in November the illuminated sign with the name of the club was broken with stones and a few days later firearms were fired at the premises.

The Ivan Mihailov Cultural Club in Bitola was also targeted. The singer Lambe Alabakovski was convicted on probation for the attempted arson of the building.




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