site.btaEducators from Plovdiv and Taraclia Pay Homage to Freedom Fighter Vassil Levski

Educators from Plovdiv and Taraclia Pay Homage to Freedom Fighter Vassil Levski
Educators from Plovdiv and Taraclia Pay Homage to Freedom Fighter Vassil Levski
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Lecturers from Plovdiv University and teachers from Taraclia laid flowers at a memorial plaque of Bulgarian freedom fighter Vassil Levski in Taraclia.

A three-member delegation from Bulgaria arrived in the Moldovan city to conduct courses under a programme of the Bulgarian Education Ministry for teachers in Bulgarian language and literature. The training was attended by 30 teachers of the Taraclia region. During the course a workshop was held with the head of Taraclia education department Lilia Sarsaman and Bulgarian methodologist Donka Nikolova.

"Our government has an important state task - improving the quality of education. The preservation of the national identity of the Bessarabian Bulgarians is one of the tasks in the field of education for the period 2024-2028. The Moldovan Ministry of Education also pays great attention to this topic. That is why the holding of practical classes and language practice, the training of teachers who teach Bulgarian are of great importance for the successful implementation of our programme and the measures of the state and district policy in the field of education. In spite of the short duration of the courses, the teachers received a lot of useful information. Topics for cooperation were identified and contacts were established," Lilia Sarsaman told BTA.

"I think this meeting will not be the only one and we will continue to work in the future. The date of the language practice coincided with the Memorial Day of the Apostle of Bulgarian Freedom. And it was symbolic that all of our teachers, educators and champions of the Bulgarian language paid tribute to this great personality and laid flowers at the memorial plaque in the centre of Taraclia. For our guests, the administration also organized a cultural program of excursions to the museum of cultural heritage of the city of Taraclia, to the theater, and a family winery. We would like to thank all our colleagues and partners for their assistance," added Sarsaman.

The visitors from Plovdiv stayed in Taraclia for four days.




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