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The Weather on July 7

Mostly sunny in the West, brief showers, thunderstorms, and hail in the East. Light to moderate north-northeasterly wind, temperatures will fall. Highs: 25C to 30C.

06.07.2022 12:01

Media Review

FORMATION OF NEW CABINET The Bulgarian National Radio reports that the programme of a future cabinet of Prime Minister Assen Vassilev is expected to be unveiled on Wednesday. If the cabinet is voted by Parliament, six months later it will ask for a

06.07.2022 09:36

Newly Established Protected Area to Help Conserve Sturgeons

he Esetrite-Vetren section of the Danube is the first protected area in Bulgaria dedicated to sturgeons, said the WWF Bulgaria environmental organization on whose proposal the Environment and Water Ministry has declared the area protected.


06.07.2022 14:25

Eurostat: Bulgaria Has Shortest Average Working Life Expectancy for Men

The average working life expectancy for people who are now 15 years old in the EU is 36 years. Since 2001, the projected average working life expectancy in the EU has been increasing at a steady pace before decreasing for the first time in 2020 due to the Covid-19 health crisis (from 32 years in 2011 to 35.9 years in 2019 and 35 .6 years in 2020) and returning to pre-pandemic levels in 2021, Eurostat reported on Wednesday. Bulgaria's working life expectancy in 2021 in 33.1 years.


05.07.2022 15:09

Archaeologists Set at Finding Early Dionysus Temple at Perperikon Site

Archaeologists have finally begun this year’s excavation season at the site of the ancient stone city of Perperikon, said Prof. Nikolai Ovcharov. After many delays, they will be able to get to their task of uncovering the secrets of the temple of Dionysus, added Ovcharov, who leads the exploration of the Peperikon complex in the Rhodope Mountains, Southern Bulgaria.

05.07.2022 13:11

Bulgaria Joins WWF Climate Heroes Initiative

For a second year in a row, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) launched a campaign to encourage young people in Central and Eastern Europe to start their own environmental initiatives, WWF Bulgaria said in a press release here on Tuesday.

The Balkans

28.06.2022 19:45

Fuel Prices in the Balkans: Governments’ Response

Fuel Prices in the Balkans: Governments’ Response Faced with the spike in fuel prices, Balkan governments responded with a variety of steps to cushion the shock for consumers and reduce the impact on the prices of practically all other goods.

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