site.btaBulgaria’s Forest Vegetation Has Increased Threefold, EFA Data

Bulgaria’s Forest Vegetation Has Increased Threefold, EFA Data
Bulgaria’s Forest Vegetation Has Increased Threefold, EFA Data
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Bulgarian forests have been increasing their area over the last 60 years, said Deputy Executive Director of the Executive Forests Agency (EFA) Rosen Raychev on Thursday during a discussion on countering illegal logging, accelerated decarbonization, and reducing energy poverty, organized by the Center for the Study of Democracy. According to him, the stock of forest-wood vegetation has tripled.

"In general, the Bulgarian forest is also improving its ecological functions, the average age has increased from 40 to 60 years," Raychev pointed out. He added that the use of the Bulgarian forest has decreased from 140% to under 50% in recent years. "This shows that if 60 years ago the Bulgarian forest produced annually about 7 to 10 million cubic metres, we used more than what it produced, while now the Bulgarian forest annually produces more than 13 million cubic metres, and last year about 5.5 million were harvested and transported," Raychev said.

He added that despite this, the Bulgarian forest needs work. He pointed out that in the last 40-50 years a lot of afforestation has been carried out in the country. However, the problem is that some of these areas are currently threatened by various pests.

With regard to illegal logging, Raychev said that it is very limited. He pointed out that in recent years the illegal logging was found to be about 30,000 cubic meters. The aim of the agency is to carry out effective control. According to him, 10,000 to 15,000 fines are drawn up annually for established violations.




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