site.btaNearly 80% of Young Bulgarians Want to Have Child in Next 5 Years, Survey Shows

Nearly 80% of Young Bulgarians Want to Have Child in Next 5 Years, Survey Shows
Nearly 80% of Young Bulgarians Want to Have Child in Next 5 Years, Survey Shows
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Seventy-eight per cent of young Bulgarians want to have a child in the next five years, shows a poll conducted by the JTN agency for online marketing surveys and Bulgaria Wants You and sent to the BTA. According to the findings, the top five factors for deciding to have a child are: stable incomes (46%), trust in one’s partner (45%), having a dwelling (39%), the mother’s health (25%), and proper conditions at home (24%).

The survey was conducted in May among 500 people across Bulgaria aged between 18 and 35 using the Computer Assisted Web Interviewing methodology.  

According to the poll, the top five factors for a happy life are having a loved one (65%), being a parent (47%), being healthy (46%), and being financially stable (35%).  

Nineny-two per cent of respondents see themselves in Bulgaria in the next five years. Many of them have relatives on various positions in Bulgaria and abroad and see what is achievable for Bulgarians abroad and in this country. One in two respondents would return to their place of birth if offered an adequate job.

Nearly 80% say they themselves bear responsibility for their successful career development, and 51% say they are ready to sacrifice personal time for professional success. Two-thirds believe that education does not guarantee finding a good job in Bulgaria.

The top five factors for comfort at work are adequate pay (68%), a pleasant work environment (45%), a good work-life balance (43%), flexible working hours (41%), and additional material incentives (40%).

Women’s expectation of their salary is between 14% and 36% lower than those of men. A monthly salary of BGN 1,000 is described as too low to take a job, and a salary of just over BGN 4,000 after taxation is desired in the next one year, the pollsters summarize. Seventy per cent expect employers and the State to reach an agreement on working ways to provide adequate pay, while 85% do not have the feeling they can rely on the State for security in case they lose capacity for work or retire.

Forty-three per cent plan to launch their own company, because they consider it more prospective than working for someone, and 26% prefer to be influencers over working for a salary.




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