site.btaModernisation of Theatre Will Attract Many New Visitors, Says Blagoevgrad Drama Theatre Director

Modernisation of Theatre Will Attract Many New Visitors, Says Blagoevgrad Drama Theatre Director
Modernisation of Theatre Will Attract Many New Visitors, Says Blagoevgrad Drama Theatre Director
Margarita Macheva, Director of the Drama Theatre in Blagoevgrad (BTA Photo)

A public discussion in connection with the Integrated concept for territorial investments (ITI) will be held in Blagoevgrad on Thursday, and will focus on the role of culture as a tool for sustainable development of the region. On this occasion, Blagoevgrad Drama Theatre Director Margarita Macheva spoke to BTA about the project for the modernisation of the theatre, as part of ITI.

The ITI envisages not only renovation of the theatre building, but also the renovation of a community centre in Musomishta village and the construction of an exhibition hall in Simitli, as well as a number of other projects. Partners of the concept include the Blagoevgrad Theatre, the Municipalities of Blagoevgrad, Simitli and Gotse Delchev, business representatives and non-governmental organizations.

Macheva pointed out that the Blagoevgrad Drama Theatre is a leading partner in the concept, and that the projects will also renew the city's urban environment, improving the conditions for the development of culture and cultural tourism. The project will equip the theatre lobby with video installations and virtual reality, as well as replace the heating installations and introduce energy efficiency measures. "Viewers regularly complain to us because it is cold in the theatre. The steam is working at maximum capacity, we pay huge heating bills, but it's cold in the hall because the building simply needs repairs," said Macheva. An investment is also planned for the modernization of the lighting and sound stage equipment.

"One of the goals of the project is to improve the urban environment of Blagoevgrad, and this includes placing 30 electronic boards to inform citizens about cultural activities and events of the municipality. The general idea is to eliminate the need for posters, which is not only not environmentally friendly, but extremely dangerous for the urban environment. With the board, people will be informed in an attractive and nature-friendly way about cultural events in the city", Macheva noted. She explained that the renovation of the building, along with the impressive performances in the theatre programme, will attract even more spectators to visit the theatre. Not only from the region, but also from Sofia, given the proximity of Blagoevgrad to the capital. "Our shows already attract audiences from Sofia, but if we manage to create a modern theatre with modern technology, we would certainly attract many new spectators", she added.

Speaking about the Ikar Performing Arts Awards, which were held at the end of March, Macheva pointed out that the Blagoevgrad Drama Theatre was extremely successful. It won the awards in two categories - for Masterful Technical Implementation for the performance Metamorphoses by Ovid, and for Original Music by Milen Apostolov in the performance The Transfiguration by Franz Kafka. Actor Kalin Vrachanski was awarded the Golden Kukerikon award for the play Comedy for Tenors by Ken Ludwig, staged at the Drama Theatre. 

"These are national awards, which is the highest praise that can be obtained in the theatre field. We have had nominations every year for many years, which is already a great achievement. I'm even more happy that one of the two Ikar awards we received is for Masterful Technical Implementation, it's the best award we can get, because it's for every one of the employees in this theatre", Macheva noted.




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