Bulgarian naval research ship bound for Antarctica

site.btaDay 38: RSV 421 Is Expected to Arrive at Mar del Plata on February 3

Day 38: RSV 421 Is Expected to Arrive at Mar del Plata on February 3
Day 38: RSV 421 Is Expected to Arrive at Mar del Plata on February 3
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The Bulgarian naval research vessel Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodii (NAVAL RSV 421) is expected to arrive at Mar del Plata on Friday afternoon, said the Commanding Officer Nikolay Danailov. Early Thursday, the ship is closing to less than 300 nautical miles to the Argentinian port - her second intermediate stop on her voyage to the St. Kliment Ohridski Bulgarian Antarctic base on Livingston Island.

Despite the sea waves going up to 4 degrees Douglas around the wide part of the estuary La Plata, the vessel managed get her average speed up to 10 knots.

Earlier during the journey RSV 421's Commanding Officer Danailov told BTA that the vessel's official visit is at the invitation of the Argentinian Navy. Danailov said that Argentina is a country that has always wholeheartedly helped Bulgaria in its polar research endeavours, while the upcoming visit will further reinforce the diplomatic contacts and foreign policy ties between the two countries. The media in Argentina is also expected to cover the Bulgarian ship's historic visit to Mar del Plata.

A Memorandum of Understanding for mutual assistance in defence and economic matters has been signed between the two countries. "Thanks to this memorandum, we are establishing very good contacts through the Bulgarian Ambassador in Argentina, Stoyan Mihaylov, and through Argentina's Ambassador in Bulgaria, Alfredo Atanasof. We managed to implement true cooperation and establish close contacts for future interaction in the field of polar research," Danailov said.

The Bulgarian ship will be fully refueled and resupplied at Mar del Plata, he explained.

Scientists and researchers from the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute will board RSV 421 at Mar del Plata together with logisticians, as serious construction work is planned for the Bulgarian Antarctic base, including a new research laboratory. RSV 421 is transporting the supplies, construction materials and equipment needed for the base. The is also bringing to Livingston Island food, cement, a water treatment facility, an office container, among other supplies.

BTA's Daily News editor Konstantin Karagyozov is the only member of the media who is travelling on board the ship to Livingston Island and back, who will cover the Bulgarian expedition on site throughout the stay in Antarctica.

All media outlets can use the Bulgaria-Antarctica BTA's Log for free.









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