site.btaSofia Municipal Council Rejects Budget Amendment Proposals

Sofia Municipal Council Rejects Budget Amendment Proposals
Sofia Municipal Council Rejects Budget Amendment Proposals
City Council media briefing: from left to right - Andrej Zografski, Deputy Mayor Vasilev, Emiliya Angelova, Hristo Koparanov (BTA Photo/Sofiya Gospodinova)

On Thursday, the Sofia City Council rejected the budget amendment report submitted by Sofia Municipality, citing that several councillors had not thoroughly reviewed the proposal.

Finance Deputy Mayor Ivan Vasilev briefed the media on recent adjustments to the municipal budget aimed at providing adequate compensation for nurses. Vasilev emphasized that Sofia Mayor Vassil Terziev has achieved what many predecessors could not, ensuring that nurses are fairly remunerated.

On June 9, following the elections, Vasilev expressed optimism about forming a responsible government that would ensure necessary pay for healthcare providers. He mentioned that if state funds were allocated, Sofia Municipality would propose a supplementary budget update. Additionally, plans are in place to regulate financing for bus and electric transport to address longstanding debts, with an additional allocation of BGN 5 million for ongoing capital infrastructure repairs. Vasilev appealed to the municipal councilors for their support in these initiatives.

Councilors from the GERB-UDF group emphasized that payments promised to medical staff in kindergartens and nurseries within the city's municipal healthcare system remain outstanding. Councillor Anton Hekimyan of GERB-UDF stated that "on April 24, the Mayor signed a collective bargaining agreement but did not disclose that the money has still not been appropriated." He added that Mayor Vassil Terziev attempted to redirect BGN 17 million in June to cover these costs.




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