site.btaGERB Leader Borissov: CC-DB Twist the Truth, Prolong the Stay of Caretaker Governments

GERB Leader Borissov: CC-DB Twist the Truth, Prolong the Stay of Caretaker Governments
GERB Leader Borissov: CC-DB Twist the Truth, Prolong the Stay of Caretaker Governments
GERB leader Boyko Borissov (BTA Photo)

GERB leader Boyko Borissov said in an address, given to party supporters here on Monday and live-streamed on Facebook, that if Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria (CC-DB) refused to stop twisting the truth, then caretaker governments would be here to stay.

He called on CC and DB to join forces with GERB and to "create something stable" after the elections. He specified that in order to do so, people with no integrity, whose image has been tarnished, should not be appointed ministers. He addressed CC-DB, saying: "You have no right to label anyone. You have no integrity, which is why it is now problematic to govern with you."

Borissov stated that reforming and improving the judicial system must not involve the inclusion or exclusion of specific people from the process, which is why he criticized CC-DB for demanding to "to have removed [co-leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, Delyan] Peevski and [acting Prosecutor General Borislav] Sarafov".

Borissov said that he will try to propose in Parliament a ban on all Russian-imported oil and gas, however, he was uncertain whether he would find any support for such a policy. He added: "At the moment, after CC's exceptionally anti-Russian actions, Bulgaria has only Russian gas." In Borissov's words, Bulgaria has paid for 11 tankers of Russian gas and imports Russian gas exclusively from Greece.

Borissov said that thanks to the assemblage [a term used to describe the former regular government's ruling majority that often carries a negative connotation], Putin was paid billions from Bulgaria. The leader of GERB believes that his party may suffer from having been associated with CC-DB.

Borissov stated that whether it was good or bad, the assemblage did function for 10 months, which Bulgaria's foreign partners saw as a positive, even though barely any reforms were implemented in the country over that period.

In Borissov's words, the only point on CC-DB's platform is having former interior minister Boyko Rashkov take charge of the Counter-Corruption Commission.

Borissov also criticized CC-DB for having breached the criteria for Bulgaria's entry into the eurozone with "the deficits and excessive spending". He referred to recording made on May 21, 2023, by then CC-DB MP Radostin Vasilev, which, in Borissov's words, is proof that CC-DB are trying to twist GERB's arm in order to take charge of the Ministry of Interior and the State Agency for National Security, among other institutions.




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