site.bta"President Has Obligation to Decree Appointment of New Ministers", Says Delyan Peevski

"President Has Obligation to Decree Appointment of New Ministers", Says Delyan Peevski
"President Has Obligation to Decree Appointment of New Ministers", Says Delyan Peevski
Delyan Peevski in Parliament's plenary hall, Sofia, April 2, 2024 (BTA Photo)

Delyan Peevski, one of two leaders of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF), said Thursday that the President can't refuse to decree the appointment of two new ministers in the caretaker Cabinet. "He has a constitutional obligation to sign the decrees," he said in the corridors of Parliament as reporters approached him for comment.

President Rumen Radev has been reluctant to say whether or not he intends to degree the replacement of two ministers in the caretaker Cabinet, requested by Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev: of the Foreign Minister and of the Agriculture Minister. The President, however, has said that it was odd the see such changes requested by Glavchev only a week after the caretaker Cabinet took the oath of office. Also, he has made it clear that he believes Glavchev is acting under the instructions of GERB leader Boyko Borissov. 

On Wednesday, Radev said he expects to meet Glavchev Friday to discuss with him the proposed cabinet changes. He said as he announced the upcoming meeting,"Two ministers are dismissed just a week after the caretaker Cabinet took an oath of office, which is yet another proof of the failure of the constitutional reform. Seeking to impose a complete monopoly on power, the parties that voted for the constitutional amendments have in fact rendered the status of the caretaker cabinet meaningless and made it vulnerable to partisan interference. [...] You can already see how orders are issued at party forums, how the Prime Minister is threatened. I very much hope that Mr Glavchev is aware of the damage to the Cabinet and to the credibility of the electoral process when he lightning-fast caters to the wishes of his party boss."

More specifically, Radev made it clear that he found unacceptable the appointment to the caretaker Cabinet of a party deputy leader such as Daniel Mitov, who is one of the two GERB deputy leaders.

Mitov is a former Foreign Minister and was proposed for a new stint in the office by Glavchev as he sought replacement for his initial choice (Stefan Dimitrov). 

Borissov has denied to have played any role in picking Mitov for the Glavchev Cabinet and said it was a mere coincidence that Mitov's nomination came after he called for Stefan Dimitrov's replacement.

When the reporters asked Peevski if he saw Mitov's possible appointment as political or believed that he would be able to stay equidistant from all parties, Peevski said, "I am sure he will be able to remain equidistant and there will be Euro-Atlantic orientation for Bulgaria". 

Peevski went on to urge the President to comply with the Constitution. "Everybody should observe the Constitution. The President should observe the Constitution. The government should observe the Constitution, as should all of us. We must be responsible to people. Any games that are being played, will have to be paid by the people," said he.




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