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CC Leader Petkov: GERB Should Show Us Change Will Continue
CC Leader Petkov: GERB Should Show Us Change Will Continue
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"It is time to see how the real reforms will continue. GERB should show us that the change will continue in order for this governance to continue," Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria co-floor leader Kiril Petkov told journalists in Parliament in connection with a coalition agreement considered by GERB.

Petkov recalled why the power-sharing majority has been formed and said that it is not a coalition. "We gathered with the only aim of implementing the reforms which the Bulgarian citizens said they wanted three years ago," added Petkov.

According to him, the people want justice in court, security and services that are reliable on and when they go to the shops,  they do not want to be robbed with monopoly prices. This was the task of this assemblage," said Petkov. "I want to congratulate our colleagues from GERB with whom we did very good things. We amended the Constitution and many of laws to allow these reforms to take place. But now in the next nine months they should be carried out for real," said Petkov.

"In nine months we can talk about a coalition agreement. Until then, we cannot talk about coalition agreements at all because neither the people, nor we, are confident that these reforms will be carried through," Petkov said.

Of a CC-DB's proposal for equal distribution of appointments on the regulators, Petkov: "We do not want a 50-50 quota in the regulators, we want 100 percent independent regulators." In his words, this means no political appointments,

"We are not going to talk about any ministers until we see that GERB is ready with us to make the step forward for the real reform in the regulators," Petkov added. 

Of calls for replacement of Defence Minister Todor Tagarev, Petkov said that all Euro-Atlantic partners like Todor Tagarev.




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