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Central Sofia Square Goes Pedestrian-only
Central Sofia Square Goes Pedestrian-only
Boris Bonev stands in the centre of St. Nedelya Square while it is being resurfaced, December 6, 2023 (Save Sofia photo)

Flanked by the St. Nedelya Cathedral and the Sofia Sheraton, St. Nedelya Square goes pedestrian-only, said Wednesday Boris Bonev, the Save Sofia party leader who aspires to take the helm of the Sofia Municipal Council. As a first step, the square will be resurfaced after which a fence which now hides archaeological excavations, will be removed and benches and planters with trees will be placed. 

Bonev says that in the past years Save Sofia has repeatedly moved for making St. Nedelya Square all-pedestrian but the previous municipal council always rejected it with no reasoning. "That is why I am happy that we are finally taking this important step forward," he said. 

According to Bonev, it sends a clear message about the direction in which Sofia will be developing.

"For long years, one of Sofia's landmarks and busiest urban spaces was turned into a chaotic parking lot. We are finally opening the square to pedestrians after thousands of people had to manoeuvre among the parked cars while being careful not to step on a loose paver," Bonev said.   

Banning cars on the square was one of the campaign promises of Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria and Save Sofia.

Municipal councilor Stefan Spassov said that a design for the square was prepared and all competent authorities were consulted in a matter of weeks, for which he thanked the municipal administration. 

The Sheraton hotel will keep seven parking spots but those will be outside the square and will not be in the way. 

Spassov said: "From Antiquity to this day, St. Nedelya Square has been the heart of the city. Our goal is to restore it to its past glory with a repair but that will take several years. That is why, instead of wait for a repair that will cost millions, we chose to act and change the square by taking some fast and easy measures. I hope that will be done in a matter of a week."




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