site.btaVarna Street Bears Name of Organ Donor Who Saved Four Lives

Varna Street Bears Name of Organ Donor Who Saved Four Lives
Varna Street Bears Name of Organ Donor Who Saved Four Lives
Street sign in Varna (BTA Photo)

As of Wednesday, September 20, a street in the Varna neighborhood of Asparuhovo bears the name of the organ donor Georgi Nikolov who saved four lives, the idea's initiators announced. It is the first street in Europe named after an organ donor.

Georgi is a young man from Varna who studied abroad, had a sharp mind and a bright future. On September 20, 2015, however, Georgi Nikolov remained 21 forever but saved four other lives by becoming a donor.

The young man had never had any serious health problems and there was no way of knowing that an insidious brain aneurysm was about to burst and end his life. There is no explainable cause or symptomatology for aneurysms, and in Georgi's case, it was no more than bad luck.

Following the legal stipulation that streets in Bulgaria are named only after deceased people with special merits for society, this innovative idea is called "Anonymous Heroes". The renaming of a street with the name of a donor is an initiative of citizens and the creators of the project "The Last Gift of Man", which aims to raise awareness of organ donation issues in Bulgaria.

The country ranks last in transplantation in the European Union. Only 13 transplant donor procedures have been implemented in Bulgaria in 2022, and the waiting list is nearly a thousand, the initiative reports.




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