site.btaFormer Caretaker PM Yanev Founds Party, Says It Is Ready for Elections

Former Caretaker PM Yanev Founds Party, Says It Is Ready for Elections
Former Caretaker PM Yanev Founds Party, Says It Is Ready for Elections
Stefan Yanev in front of the Bulgarian Rise logo (BTA Photo)

Stefan Yanev, former caretaker prime minister (May-December 2021) and former defence minister in the current government (December 2021 - March 2022), founded the political party Bulgarian Rise on Sunday. Approached by journalists after the constituent assembly, he said that the new formation has the ambition and is ready to run in all types of elections.

The party's goal is to work sustainably on implementing the Bulgarian national interest and on ensuring the Bulgarian citizens' security and prosperity. Bulgarian Rise will work towards understanding between citizens and institutions, Yanev explained.

Asked where in the political spectrum his party will stand, Yanev said Bulgarian Rise will work "in the ideological spectrum of national conservatism". The national element is related to affirming and developing the State, and the conservatism element is directed at traditional Bulgarian values, such as school, family, faith, society, and community.

Nearly 800 delegates from across Bulgaria attended Sunday's constituent assembly, Yanev said. The adoption of the party's charter and the election of its management bodies will be followed by its registration in court. 

Hours before Bulgarian Rise's founding, Ralitsa Simeonova, coordinator of the new political project and a member of Yanev's team when he was defence minister, wrote on Facebook that she is withdrawing from the project. She argued that the formation has "a cadre problem" as it is the object of "unhealthy interest" and is being filled with "compromised individuals". In her words, as ideas are implemented by people, she cannot be part of a project through which she cannot fulfill her core commitment of guaranteeing citizens they will not be lied to and betrayed yet again. 




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