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Key Witnesses in Ohrid Assault Case Unable to Recall Details
Key Witnesses in Ohrid Assault Case Unable to Recall Details
Trial for the assault against Hristian Pendikov, Ohrid, North Macedonia, June 12, 2024 (BTA Photo/Vladislav Tentov)

Dr. Zoran Kotevski, an expert witness, and the final two witnesses of the prosecution, testified on Wednesday in the trial over an assault against Hristian Pendikov, who served as the secretary of the now-deregistered King Boris III Association in Ohrid.

Prosecution witnesses, brothers Sergej and Sava Kostovski, said in cross-examination that they did not know the victim Hristian Pendikov personally. They confirmed knowing Ilija Spaseski and Borce Angelov, both charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm, and adhered to their previous testimony given to the prosecution after the beating in Ohrid. They cited the passage of time and lack of detailed memory as reasons for not wanting to provide potentially inaccurate information to the court.

During a prior court hearing, it was found that the brothers were improperly called to testify. The most recent hearing was adjourned because they did not receive notification. Police officers sent to notify them reported that no one answered the door at their residence.

At Wednesday's hearing, the content of their January testimony remained unclear. Their initials were listed as suspects in a police report regarding the beating incident. Counsel for both the accused and the victim remarked that witnesses had the right to refer to their previous statements.

Forensic medicine expert Dr. Zoran Kotevski elaborated on the severity of injuries sustained by Pendikov, as detailed in a medical report. Dr. Kotevski categorized the broken upper and lower jaw, along with bleeding in the maxillary sinus, as grievous bodily harm. Other injuries, including those to the head, face, neck, and fractured vertebral processes, were categorized as bodily harm. Dr. Kotevski, drawing on his extensive experience with similar cases, noted that these injuries could result from at least two hand-delivered blows, without the involvement of weapons.

After the hearing, both lawyers addressed the media regarding the testimony of expert witness Dr. Zoran Kotevski, each offering different interpretations of his statements.

Dimitrija Tsoboski, the attorney for Ilija Spaseski and Borce Angelov, emphasized that Pendikov's injuries could have been treated in the Republic of North Macedonia. While Tsoboski did not provide further details, he asserted that the evidence presented in court would substantiate his claim. Following the beating, Pendikov was transported to Bulgaria on the government’s Falcon aircraft and received treatment at the Military Medical Academy.

Security camera footage, reviewed by the court during the initial hearings in Ohrid, captured the beating incident. The footage showed two youths repeatedly knocking a third youth to the ground with their fists between parked cars. During his testimony, Hristian Pendikov identified himself as the victim in the video.

This marks the eleventh hearing in the case where Ilija Spaseski and Borce Angelov are accused of causing grievous bodily harm to Hristian Pendikov, allegedly motivated by hatred. The next hearing will take place mid-September.




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