site.btaTurkish Cabinet Meets on Monday

Turkish Cabinet Meets on Monday
Turkish Cabinet Meets on Monday
Bestepe (Photo: Turkish Presdency)

The Turkish cabinet will hold a meeting at the Bestepe residence in Ankara on Monday, which will be chaired by President Recep Erdogan. The agenda includes negotiations on collective agreement for financial and social rights of public servants, and tensions between Cypriot Turks and UN peacekeeping forces, the government press office said. 
Also on the agenda are taxes on phones for young people and a debate on a three-year road map for the development of the country’s economy.

Negotiations on the collective agreements focus on an increase of wages of some four million public servants and 2.5 retired public servants. The government proposed an increase of 25% for 2023 and of 11% for 2025. However, representatives of the public servants said that the increase is insufficient and further steps are expected to be mapped out. 

Tensions between UN peacekeeping forces in Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus flared in connection with the construction of a road from the UN-administered buffer zone to the territories of the island, controlled by the Turkish Cypriot authorities. Ankara is monitoring carefully the situation in Cyprus, Turkish media report. The cabinet is expected to discuss measures to deescalate the tensions.




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