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Turkiye’s Tourism Recovers
Turkiye’s Tourism Recovers
The Aegean coastline (BTA Photo)

Turkiye and Bulgaria have strong historical ties, and cooperation between the tourism ministries will broaden the countries' horizons, Volkan Asli, a tourist guide working with the Turkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA) at the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, told BTA on Friday.

Volkan Asli responded to BTA's questions related to tourism, the cooperation between Turkiye and Bulgaria in the field of tourism, and the development of the industry in several central Turkish districts (Kayseri, Yozgat, Kirsehir). The TGA also answered some of the questions.

Asli said that Turkiye and Bulgaria enjoy strong historical ties, and attracting more visitors seems possible through the use of social media.

According to the TGA, Turkiye is one of the countries whose tourism has recovered the fastest after COVID-19. It is developing various projects to diversify tourism products and to reduce the pressure on coastal areas caused by mass tourism.

Asli pointed out that there are regions in Turkiye that are not very popular, but definitely worth visiting for their important historical buildings, unspoiled nature and very hospitable people.

Kayseri has been the cradle of many civilizations since antiquity and has maintained its importance throughout every period. Yozgat is one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia. The lands of Yozgat were also one of the most populous centers where people settled as early as the Hittite Kingdom.  Kirsehir is one of the oldest cities in Anatolia, according to the TGA.




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